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Awakening to Love, Life & Happiness!
Discovering the Secrets of Happiness

Presented by Bonnie Meadows

Seminar Topics:

bulletSelf Acceptance
bulletObserving your Self in Safety
"Your talk with our group changed my life. Thank you."
L Hand
bulletFeeling without Fear
bulletIdentifying Negative Feelings
bulletSeeking Understanding
bulletReleasing Attachments
bulletBecoming Aware
bulletChoosing Change
bulletDeveloping Personal Power
bulletSpiritual Awakening
I certainly profited from your seminar at Messiah a few Saturdays ago. Thank you for your willingness to share what you are learning with everyone!
J Smith

"Using four simple steps (and a little magic) participants in the
Awakening seminar learn to love themselves and others, escape from fear, overcome anger and hurt, make positive changes in their lives, live in peace and become the person they have always wanted to be. Many say that the concepts taught in the seminar changed their lives forever."

The Invitation

Would you like to make a quiet, careful, comfortable change in your life that will increase your happiness?


Bonnie Meadows is inviting you to her next all-day seminar on Awakening! Awakening the Magic in Life! This seminar is designed for people who wish to increase their happiness in living and loving relationships. You will learn to release attachments and conditioning that are blocking understanding of yourself and other people. You will find new joy and bring contentment into your life.

If you wish to Awaken, it is best to begin by putting your fears and concerns aside and coming to peace with yourself.

At the seminar and on the tapes, we will be doing some exercises and talking about some ideas that will help you to understand yourself and the reality you live in.

But understand that Awakening! Is not a technique, it is as natural as waking up in the morning. In fact it is a path for you to get away from all techniques. Habits, conditioning and techniques have been binding you. You are invited to take this path toward freedom for your mind, body and spirit.

Waking up!

You will find as we talk at the seminar that a primary source of happiness is to stay in touch with reality. It is like keeping the windows clean so that the sun can shine in. If your windows are clean you can stay alert to weather conditions.

Awakening is something like waking up in the morning. We become aware of things again. Some things that we have put aside during our rest will come into focus again. But we discover that we do not need to worry about them.

We sometimes find ourselves wishing that there were no unpleasant experiences in this world – but reality teaches us that there are some undesirable things that we must deal with – and we find through experience that it is better to know about those things and prepare for them than to have damaging surprises.

We also find as we awaken that there are a number of wonderful things about us and our environment that we had forgotten. Those things will come back into our consciousness too and increase our happiness.

At the seminar we will learn some insights that will help us to identify and stay in touch with reality so that we can make wise choices and increase our happiness.

If it will make us happier, why haven’t we already chosen to stay in touch with reality? Perhaps the reason is that getting in touch with reality requires you to acknowledge some uncomfortable facts. At the seminar we will learn to understand ourselves and our environments so that we can judiciously handle the facts that are difficult for us, access our power, experience peace, and recognize our strengths and assets. We will Awaken to Love, Life and Happiness!


Awakening to Love, Life & Happiness!

A New Approach to Concepts of Self and Interpersonal Relationships


bulletUnderstand the Dynamic of Fear  
bulletLearn to Welcome Change
bulletIncrease Personal Power and Joy  
bulletDiscover the Magic of Happiness


Spiritual Awakening 
a special presentation 
by Bonnie Meadows
"Using four simple steps participants learn to love themselves and others, escape from fear, overcome anger and hurt,  make positive changes in their lives, live in peace and become the person they have always wanted to be. Many say that the concepts taught in the seminar changed their lives forever." Click on the seminar link for more information. 




*Open to Everyone*

Coming again soon
10 am - 4 pm 
Place: TBA

(FREE copy of Awareness with early paid registration)
Walk-ins Welcome

Information: email talk2bonnie at

 COST: $ 30 per person


Your friend is HALF PRICE with your paid registration!

Return your registration check to a Singles Network representative 

"Increasing awareness and understanding 

in all your relationships 
brings the peace and strength of love into your life."

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Book Readings & Panel Discussion

Saturday October 11, 2003

Borders Bookstore Fredericksburg, Virginia


Saturday October 25, 2003

Borders Bookstore Woodbridge, Virginia

2 - 4 p. m.

Panel Discussion of Singles Topics by Area Singles

Participants select topics such as:

Relationships, Sex, Love, Finding Happiness,

Disappointment, Single Traveling,

Meeting New People, Loss, Recovery, Joy, etc.

Two Dates and Locations:

Saturday, October 11, 2003 2pm Saturday, October 25, 2003 2pm
Borders Books and Music
1220 Carl D. Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA

Store Directions: 

Borders Books and Music
2904 Prince William Parkway
Woodbridge, VA 


Door Prizes!

We'll read relevant snippets from the book for singles, Season of Lovers, and

Autographed copies of Season of Lovers will be available.


For more information visit the web site:


Ya'll Come!

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